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  1. Hi There
    Hope you might be able to assist. I am doing family research from a remote location in Dublin.
    My wife’s grandfather was a Lister in the textile business in Bradford, but not THAT Lister Mill.
    His name was Harold Ibbit Lister (died 1939 aged 47) and his father was Thomas Lister.
    I hear the mill prospered supplying military cloth during the first WW.

    Would you have any information?
    These Listers lived at one time at Swancliffe House in Gomersal, later near Otley.

    Many thanks



    1. Brian

      Did you ever get anywhere with this? Harold’s father (Thomas) was the brother of my great grandmother Jessie Lister. Unsure if we’ve corresponded before!



  2. Sorry Brian. Lister is a common local surname as you know. Your Listers seem to have been active in the late 19th and early 20th C Birkenshaw worsted industry. My experience, such as it is, was with silk textiles in Manningham, north Bradford. Good hunting.


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